They are puppies for just a short while, but a Commitment for Life.

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Application for Adoption

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Jodie Keener
P.O. Box 378 Joshua, Texas 76058-0378 USA  

Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex South
This is
How we Raise and Socialize our dogs.

By Reading, Filling out & Submitting our Questionnaire ~
How To Get A
Puppy From JBK  & Commitment Form. You have thoughtfully planned out
your purchase and realize that owning a dog is a Long Term commitment.
That you fully are prepared to bring this New youngster in your life, family
and home, giving He or She a forever home they deserve.  If I have not
returned your email with in 5 days please resend as I may have over looked
your email. Place in the Subject line "Questionnaire" Spam setting are set
Very High!

Be a
Responsible Pet Owner.  Tips on Crate & House Training your new pet.
What do I
feed my new pet and how much?  Tips on Grooming and nail
The importance of
Socializing your new pet. What about the Health Care
for my new pet.  What about
Health Testing

The importance of exercising and playing with your dog.  What do I do
when I am
Traveling with my Dog. What do I do if I run into an Emergency
Places to take my dog for basic obedience or advanced Training.  Check
Summer Safety Tips.  And Winter Canine Care Importance.

Here are a list of
Kennel Clubs in Texas and your area.

Please visit
AKC.ORG for further information on taking care of your pet &
sanctioned events.

Jodie Keener
To be Considered please email and fill out the Application & Forms Completely