Recognized as a Breeder of Merit by American Kennel Club  

JBK Kennel has been actively involved in the sport of dogs for over Three
Decades as an Exhibitor & Breeder in: Agility, Rally, Obedience,
Conformation, Herding, Rescue, & Therapy. Training &/or Competition

We are Proudest of our Accomplishments of the Betterment of the Breeds.  By
Socializing them for a Sound mind as well as Body.
Health testing for OFA or Penn Hip, Cerf, DNA~ CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1&2

We are honored and gratified that we have mentored new comers to the sport
of dogs, and been at ringside to celebrate their accomplishments.

To all of those people who have JBK Dogs and continue to breed them
responsibly, show them, and love them we continue to support you, and cheer
you on & be there for you for all your Questions BIG or small.

Wikipedia defines Affiliation as:
a person's need to feel a sense of involvement and belonging

For JBK that social group referring to is “The Betterment of the Breed, A Dog
with a Sound Mind and well as Body” A Healthy Loving pet, or a Healthy,
Loving & Willing Competitor………..

Please refer to our
About JBK to learn more about us and our dedication to the

Breeder of Merit Member Since 2010