Being a Cowboy begins as a state of mind. He is not born, but is made by his own
design. An appreciation of God's great creation of the outdoors, Which gives to
him and nature a true relationship. With the sky as the roof of his home. The
fields, the streams, the mountain to roam. He rides along with a child's wide eyes.
He believes everyday to be a special prize. His life, may it been short. We'll never
forget ! Because he lived that life to its full extent. When his work & play was
done at the end of the day. We caught a glimpse of him as he rode away. The sun
set slowly in the west and he goes on that last ride to his rest. He never turned to
give a backward look, for he knew not, this would be the last ride he took.
Yet in our hearts he rides forever.
The Last Ride
I Will always love you !
This is a sunset pic I took near our home. This poem was wrote for Chris by friend & myself
Chris his dog Chance and His boy Boots Hendricks
Mr. Pyromaniac at work burning old brush.
This is Chris boy Golden's Chances
Made for Me.
My self handling him and Chris's
mother to the far right. We Won 3
Best in Show for his daddy the week
before Chris and Jason's fatal accident.
Chris & Jason July-2-2006
The morning of the
accident that took both
their lives.
Chris's play toy,  He is riding
in out lake we were having
built for his trophy bass fish
Me, Chris & Buckshot
riding the 4 wheeler to
Check my Folks Cattle
in Oklahoma
Chris working on the show
barn running electrical wiring
and putting in new stalls
Chris finishing up the Sheep Barn
at midnight or so, before storm was
to come in that morning. Little did
we know that it would be ruined
along with all the barns and new
roof we just put on the house by
Soft Ball size hail. All the animals
were all safe and sound.
Chris taking a brake from
building the new deck. While
boots looks on and Chance
moves in for some love.
Chris building the deck, his new lake
in the back ground and the million
dollar money pit of a jeep  parked
with the trailer full of building supplies
Chris BBQ'n  at the
ASCA 2005 Nationals,
for the dogs and us too.
Chris & I at ASCA Nat'ls
with Chris's dog Bob.
Chris's first catch in the lil pond,  at our home which is now the mini
lake in the front yard. This lil sun perch was all of 5 inches long.
Chris etched this out in our fresh
poured concrete in the barn for us
and his dog Bob stamped his foot of
approval. We poured 30 yards of
concrete that day in only a few
hours. Chris, myself and one other
friend. Had a blast doing it.
Bob, Me & Chris
trying to stay warm
at an Agility trial
July 2-2006
Chris & I out on the town
Making the pond
into a mini lake
A Memorial to My Loving Husband