I __________________________________________Date________________

Am agreeing to take full responsibility for my new Canine Companion

1. I the new owner have the sole responsibility for said purchased puppy or dog upon taking
possession. I the new owner agree to provide proper nurturing & health care for developing a
stable pet.

2.  I the new Owner will never knowingly, nor through neglect, place the puppy in harm’s way.

3.  I shall properly care for, feed and provide adequate medical attention for such dog. The term
“properly care for” shall mean a premium dog food, adequate amounts of fresh water, provision
for shelter, a dog run or a fenced in yard and required routine & emergency Veterinarian care.

4. It is understood that this dog will not be allowed to roam free; and will either be confined to
The house, backyard, kennel run or on a leash is acceptable for play and potty times.  
Underground fences are okay; however, it will not keep the puppy safe from other
dogs/animals or prevent it from being stolen.

5. To keep your dog healthy as you travel, bring along a supply of his regular food and some
local, or bottled, water. In addition *Pedi lite & Nutria-cal are recommended for Traveling* as it is
very stressful for dogs especially the first time and may not want to eat or drink due to the
unfamiliar surroundings & long trips.

6. I understand it is recommend taking my dog to the Vet within 24 hours of receiving my new
puppy or dog and starting a wellness program with my Veterinarian.

7. Registration papers will be provided to pet owners once there is proof from the Veterinarian
of Spay or Neutering

By emailing the application from you are agreeing to the guidelines above. You are required to
have an original signed before picking up your new canine companion.

Signature: _______________________________________________

Date: _____________

Revised 7/2013
Sadly this revision is due to neglect of previous purchaser.