Shown By Emily Burdon for his Canadain Championship    
# 1 Aussie 2010, # 2 Aussie 2011. Best of Breed  Euk Pre-show 2011
Award of Excellence @ Eukanuba Finals 2011
2011 Royal Canine Cup Best of Breed and Group One Winner
The Dogs at home playing fetch
Multi Champion, RBIS  Euk. Award of Excellence Winner
CH. Watermarks Mahogany Ice Highrail. RN, RA, RE
Eyes Blue ~ Cerf' Clear, DNA-VP
OFA Good, Elbows Normal Red Merle Bi-Color
Red Merle Bi
Owned Exclusively by JBK
Shown by My Self for his American Championship CGC, RN, RA, RE.
Shown By Emily Burdon for His Candain Championship         #
1 Aussie 2010, # 2 Aussie 2011. BOB Euk Pre-show
2011                    Eukanuba  Award of Excellence 2011
New AKC Champion 18 mo old
Photo by Katheryn Murray
Photo by Katheryn Murray
Owned by Jodie
Owned  Exclusively by  Jodie Keener.

If you have bred to Hobson or any other of My dogs while in Sophie    Berniers  Care I have not signed
any Application Certificates to   register any puppies.... All Breeding MUST be approved by me in
writing with Notarized Signature to AKC, ASCA, UKC and CKC.......................

    Sophie is Suspended from CKC and not in good standing with the CKC club for Multiple Rule
    Violations . For Further information Call CKC,AKC, UKC, ASCA, Local Law Enforcement in Canada,
    USA, Please contact your Local Police enforcement as We (14 People)Building a Case With Local
    &  Federal law enforcement on Numerous Charges including but not limited to Fraud.

    Puppies Sired by MY Dogs Bred to while in Sophie's Care are not eligible for Any Registration!!  
    Sophie has Bred Dogs in several people names.  These people also will be brought in on the
    Charges pressed upon Sophie Bernier.  Sorry for any troubles this may have caused you!  I have
    nothing to do with Sophie Berniers Suspension charges were brought upon her already.   She
    has Sold dogs Claiming they are registered. Dogs in her Care are missing and owners not told
    until months past..... The LIST goes ON AND ON (But We are building a new Case against her for
    the continuing malice  behavior against unsuspecting Dog lovers all over the World and the
    return of our Dogs, Money, and Demand Justice against this woman !!) We all have unfortunately
    trusted this woman. Only to find out she is using people for their money and dogs
I am Sorry to Say I was ALSO Tricked, Lied to by Sophie Bernier. Sophie has Several of My dogs. If you
are housing, boarding or keeping my dogs charges will be pressed on you also. I fear for my Dogs
safety as I have Letters and Text with Nasty Threats on what Sophie will do to my dogs!!!!
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