How Do I Get A JBK  Puppy?          What are the next steps?

Most reputable breeders have a series of steps that involve contacting them, basically interviewing the prospective
family, discussing how the litter can meet their needs/hopes, and then a contract that outlines these goals on paper.
JBK  is no different in that we want to make sure that our dogs go to the best homes for them and we pride ourselves
on matching dogs with their families. Here's the outline of the steps to obtaining a dog and a brief description of the
process at each "checkpoint."

1. Contacting JBK
I strongly prefer email's as I'm constantly on the go and rarely answer phone calls.  I try to respond to email's within
48 hours, however I do work full time and have a farm to keep going along with dog and horse shows to attend, so
sometimes this time frame gets stretched but I respond as soon as I can. email's definitely get answered,  phone call
deserves about an hour of time on average. Filling out the QUESTIONNAIRE helps the prospective owner know what
I'm looking to learn from them and expedites the process considerably.
Serious Inquiries only. I will take the time to
answer your questions after you have fullfilled the requirment of completling my required forms.

2. Outlining what you are looking for
I'm acutely aware of what it is like when a dog doesn't match up with a family or person. No matter how badly you want
that adorable you think a certain puppy is  Ultimately everyone really wants a great companion and that is what I excel
at delivering. Train ability and intelligence should be why you're really wanting one.

3. Email List
I don't have puppies readily available most of the time, just when my schedule allows me ample time to properly care
and train the young lings. When someone contacts me via the above method and is interested in a puppy from our
home, I ask if they're OK being put on an "email list" once I feel comfortable with their suitability for one of our
puppies. This is basically a way to update everyone of what is happening with my litters and plans. Once a female is
confirmed pregnant, then I post that update and once she gives birth, then I send another update. After that, I aim to
send out weekly photos, various videos, and sometimes live streaming for anyone interested. This is not exclusive to
people purchasing a puppy as I have many people that simply like to follow the puppies as they grow!

4. Deposits
Now we get to the nuts and bolts of things! Once the puppies are born, I'll take deposits from people on the email list g
iving a preference to previous JBK dog owners. After that, the order is in order of received deposit. This is loosely a "p
icking" order, however it is (once again) based on what puppy best matches your situation and then your physical app
earance preferences as we're able. Breeder and co breeder always have first pick, then stud dog owner (as applicabl
e), then people on the deposit list. That may sound like a lot of hands in the barrel, but often times only 1 or 2 puppies
(and sometimes none) end up being retained for those people. Many times, a puppy that is destined to be shown will
be placed in a suitable companion home that has expressed an interest in keeping a puppy intact for the breeder to s
Deposits are nonrefundable and $500US.  Starting prices are $1500.00 on limited registration.

5. Picking Out A Puppy
As the puppies grow and develop, I work with them daily on various exercises and keep track of their personalities
and tendencies in certain situations to help determine what type of home they would be best in. I keep the people with
deposits informed of my thoughts as the puppies grow and start grouping my choices for certain people and let them
know why throughout the weeks. The puppies are ready to go home once they are 8 to 10 weeks old and the
breeder/cobreeder/etc have made their decisions. Evaluations are during week 7 to 8 to determine conformation,
performance, temperament suitability along with prior observations. By this point, you will be 80%+ sure of which
puppy will be heading to your home but if I have a second or third option for you to look at, I'll make sure you are
aware of that along with the pros and cons of the puppies as I see it at that point. Very few people leave with their
second option puppy upon arriving :)
We do not allow visitors to see the puppies prior to week 8 to prevent
the introduction of outside contagions or diseases, Strangers coming into the home puts a mother dog in
an unesay atmosphere (This is Not favorable for the mother or her pups)
We are a Very Busy working farm & traveling showing our livestock. Setting up appointmetns to pick up
your puppy is very time sensitive. (We want to give you at least 1 to 2 hours of for your appointment)

6. Paperwork/Contracts
All paperwork Must be  done before picking up your puppy.
The balance of the purchase price is due at pick
up time. Cash is preferred, cashier checks must be sent no later than 2 weeks
prior to picking up your puppy to allow
for bank clearance
BEFORE the puppy will be released. Additionally, the paperwork for AKC  registration is filled
out online and sent directly to  AKC by JBK. The companion or show contracts will be finalized and the seller and
owner each get a copy. Contracts are available when deposits are received and will be considered finalized by pickup.

7. Getting Things For Your Puppy
Quite possibly the most asked question involves my recommendations on what to use and what is being used
regularly. Due to this question, I've created a List to help with shopping. In the future, I'll have a section on the
website for what we do, what we recommend, and other ideas.

8. Vaccines/Worming/Vet Checks
Puppies are wormed every week from the age of 2 weeks old. Vaccines (puppy) are given at 5 and 8 weeks of age to
best prepare them for when they leave our home. We will not alter this vaccination/worming schedule but you are
welcome to proceed as you wish after 8 weeks under a veterinarian (DVM)'s protocol and supervision. All our puppies
are examined by a DVM.  You are required to have your puppy checked out by your own veterinarian after obtaining
it 24 hours of obtaining the puppy, no exceptions.

9. Puppy Pickup!
The time has come! Its time to get your puppy and everything is set and ready to go. During weeks 6/7 we will set up
pickup times for the litter. Before pickup, Paperwork is filled out and sorted as well as the New Puppy Packet
discussed with tips and information about your new family member, all this information is on the website for you easy
access . Be sure to bring a small crate with a towel in it to keep them secure and safe on the way home (this is how
they will be transported while in our care). If you are unable to pick up your puppy during that 8 week time frame, a
boarding fee of $15 a day will be assessed with reasonable accommodations (maximum 2 weeks) before any monies
are forfeited and the puppy will be made available to another family. Reasonable accommodations are normally
vacations, sudden illness that will improve in short time (such as cold/flu), and so forth. Communication with the
breeder is key in these scenarios. If you Puppy will be flying to you. Two weeks before the puppy will be transported
the Total for your purchase, any extended stay fee's and Transportation fee's must be paid and clear the bank. (Vet
and Transportation fee's vary for each destination and time of the year)

10. What Happens After?
Naturally, you enjoy your puppy! However, I am ALWAYS available to help my puppies and their homes out with any
issues no matter how big or small. Of course, if it is something that involves veterinarian care ALWAYS contact them
first but I will be happy to help explain things they're doing if you need another point of view or have questions about
what might be happening. The majority of my people ask basic care/training questions in the first few weeks and then
send me updates as they wish. We dog people are an extensive network of people, so if you need help in our area
with finding a trainer, veterinarian, dog park, etc just let me know and we'll get an answer worked out! Of course, if the
unfortunate time comes where you cannot keep your puppy any longer for ANY reason, it MUST come home to JBK
per the contract. This is designed to be a safety net for the puppy as well as the owner as situations change
sometimes and this unfortunately happens. Re-homing to a family member is not acceptable unless they are listed on
the contract as a co owner.

11. What If I Want To Breed My Dog?
Breeding dogs is part art, part science, part immense reward, part tragic heartbreak. It is not something to be
undertaken lightly and is not an inexpensive prospect if you do it properly. Because of this and our desire to help
improve the breeds while breeding to the appropriate Standards, we limit our "breeding" dogs to those that will show
and love them primarily while working towards obtaining a set of criteria that both the prospective buyer and breeder
agree upon. Showing/training helps determine many factors that aid in determining breeding quality and can be
reflected in many sports. I only enter into show contracts with people with whom are open communicators and looking
to learn about this wonderful breed primarily. Because of this long term communication with the puppy buyer, I do
show contracts by private treaty. Please contact me for more specifics and be aware that.

Thank you for taking the time to review these guidelines about our procedures! Hopefully it helps you understand a
little better about our process to obtain a puppy, but nothing can replace chatting with us yourself. If you haven't
contacted us already and would like to, definitely do so at any time! We are glad to help however we can!