JBK Therapeutic Solutions
TheraPlate: Made In The USA

»Increases Bone Density (>30%)
»Decreased Lameness
»Prevent Bucked Shins
»Speed Fracture Healing
»Increased Hoof Growth
»Hocks and Stifles
»Improves Under Run Heels & Thin Soles
»High Suspensory Injuries

»Increases Muscle Mass
»Reduces Injuries
»Faster Healing (2-3 times)
»Improves Balance
»Maintain Muscle Mass - Stalled Horses
»Warm Up/Warm Down

»Increases Circulation
»Reduces Swelling & Inflammation
»Increased Digital Cushion Circulation

»Reduced Stress
»Pain Relief

Increasing Bone Strength & Density
Increasing Muscle Mass
Reducing Swelling and Inflammation
Reducing Injuries
Speeding Healing Time
Improving Joint Health and Function
Improving Balance
Reducing Stress
Preventing Injuries
Relieving Pain
Increasing Hoof Growth
Increasing Digital Cushion Circulation
Maintaining Muscle Mass on Stalled Horses
Warm Up and Cool Down
Cell Aide Mineral was derived from a 250 million year old,
Paliazoic Era deposit of mineral that has never been
contaminated by modern man. After complete study and
extensive testing, it was determined this mineral in its natural

determined at 97% positive

CELLAIDE Chlorophyll is an all natural product derived from
natural plants. Chlorophyll benefits include natural pain
relief, inside the body( CELLAIDE Chlorophyll) and topical (
CELLAIDE Topical) cream and roll on. When used in unison,
pain is relieved inside and out at the same time. CELLAIDE
CHLOROPHYLL RELIEVES diabetic foot and leg pain.
Heartburn relief occurs without interruption of stomach acid
receptor functions. Relieves  joint, hand and muscle pain

CellAideMineral is a product of Chlorophyll & Minerals.

CellAide is a new product that has amazing properties for
strengthening and balancing our cells.  CellAide extracts the
CHLOROPHYLL with WATER (not Chemicals).  The
CHLOROPHYLL has all the healing properties you have
heard about BUT with none of the THC or CDB markers.
This CHLOROPHYLL is readily absorbed by the cells and
has the ability to balance and nourish.  Liquid Natural
Minerals are added and VOLIA.  Happy Healthy CELLS
.CellAideMineral is created by the
same BRAIN of Vetricyn & Curincyn
So I'm not a Sales person by trade!  I have 30 plus years in Health Care. With a
Multiple World Champions in the Equine and Canine sport in 18 Countries.    
Always been the kinda gal if I believe in a product and it works 110% for me.
You probably need to know about it and too.  Below I will share products that I
personally have available to you. A few of the other products here are available
through very good friends of mine. If you are interested in the products they
believe and distribute. Please tell them how you found them & mention PROMO
Code JBK. We are a small network of friends all promoting products
"We ALL believe in & use collectively."
The first product I Have and totally believe in is the TheraPlate!
I own two, one in my barn & In my home for my family & dogs
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