What a Joyous Occasion to Raise
Working ~ Herding Puppies here at JBK.
At the time of planning a litter. We Select the Best
compatible Dogs to mate.  These Choice dogs are
Structurally Correct, Sound of Body and Mind. These
dogs have passed health clearances from our Protocol
of breeding dogs for over a 25 plus years.  We take
pride in raising quality dogs for Herding dogs work as
well as, Therapy,  Agility, Rally & Conformation.
From Birth to 5 months of age

1.  The mothers Whelp there Babies in the house in the large Master
Bath Room. In a private temperature controlled and peaceful
atmosphere.  Where they are maintained under Video~Audio
surveillance. And daily supervision and bonding with mother and the
Experienced Puppy Setters.

2.  The puppies at Two weeks old are brought into the Center Living
Room. They are introduced to Puppy Food as soon as their eyes are
open!  Helping give them the total nutrition they need.  The mother as
well is Feed Puppy Food and Frozen Raw Meat to keep up with the
demand of Quality Milk Production for her young.

With the Puppies in the Center of the Living room with the T.V. Or
Radio on at all times they are subject to lots of different sights and
sounds, along with the noises of daily chores,vacuuming, doors
opening and shutting and etc.

The puppies are held in various positions learning to trust, Bond,
interact with Humans. Giving them a Good confident start.

At 8 weeks old Puppies are giving there 1st Vaccine. Deworming is
done each two weeks since birth.

3. Puppies move out to the Kennel at 6 weeks old. A 12x12 area for
mom and her pups on concrete and area with shavings for Voiding

Mom is taking way from the puppies for short intervals of time and
brought back in for nursing  as the puppies get older the periods of
time mom is taking away lengthens to help ease the weaning
process.  Puppies will Generally be completely weaned from mom at
8 weeks old. During these periods of time puppies are placed on the
grooming tables: Brushed, nails clipped, deworming, loved and cared
 them hands on attention: Bathing, Grooming, Nail Trimming.

4.  8 to 10 weeks of age. Generally Time for their forever Homes and
have had their first Vaccine and routinely dewormed.

TIf any remaining puppies that have not went to there forever homes
are then moved to the 3rd area of the Kennel for  weaning and
training process. This area is 16x70 feet covered  from the Elements
of weather.

From the ceiling of the kennel banners and noisy items are placed
above them to desensitize  them from fearful unknowns.  This area
also has a place were shavings are put to continue to Potty train the
puppies to a specific area.

They also have Several Safe Toys to chew on and tug with,   As well
as Different levels of heights to claim up and down on. A shallow Pool
depending upon the season. And this area backs up to our Sheep
Pasture keeping the little ones entertained with thoughts of herding

5. 12 week old puppies

Any Remaining puppies and then introduced to final area of raising
and Socializing of puppy hood  The area they were in of 16x25 is
opened up into another area 16x40. They can Run and Play in yet a
larger area and still go back to the comfort of there previous area.
The Sheep pasture & Now the Horse pasture too adjoins to this
puppy pen. The puppies are played with from us.. And the neighbor
kids from time to time.

While in this stage of puppy raising and socializing they are brought
into the kennel for twice a day to placed in a crate or indoor kennel
run each time for short portion of the day. Giving them hands on
attention: Leash Training, Bathing, Grooming, Nail Trimming and
learning to adjust to different confinements within the Kennel & Farm.

6. 5 month old Puppies

Any remaining puppies waiting on there forever homes or the
puppies/adolecents we choose to keep for our selves. Will then be
introduced slowly to adapting to older dogs life style and potty, play &
exercise times with in the 4 acres of Fully fenced dog area's and
started training on livestock herding techniques .

This process we feel has been most effective in our program.  There
are several ways to raise  puppies,  this happens to be our outline in
raising and socializing dogs at JBK.