Sales Agreement for purchase of Pet Puppy(s) or Dog(s)

Pet Price on spay or neuter contract $1500.00
$500.00 deposit to hold a puppy. Remainder of $1000.00 at Pick Up at age of 8 to 10 weeks of age.

Jodie Keener
P.O. Box 378
Joshua, Texas 76058 USA

Buyer Name(s)
Phone Number:

Name of Dog and Registration #
Sire of dog                                                                Dam of dog:
Price of Dog $
Shipping Air Fair $:
Vet Exam, Import &/or Export Fee’s $
Complete total: $                                 Cashiers Check #                            additional fee's may apply

Date Dog to be picked up by new owner or Currier.
Currier's Name, Address, Lic. Or ID #                            Expiration date
Date Dog to be shipped:
Dog to Arrive at:
Date Arrive:                          Flight:                    Time:              Airline:

Deadline for Deposit to arrive:
Deadline for Final payment:
Deposit must be made 10 days prior to  health clearances and shipping arrangement:
Said puppy or dogs will be shipped only when final payment clears my bank 7 days prior to shipment or may be made
at the time of deposit is made.

Additional fee's for late payments will be charged to the new owner for new health certificates and flight cancellations
and rebooking or any fee's that will be encountered.
If the buyer does not meet the deadlines. The seller has the right to refuse the sale of said dogs
Breaking any deadlines will Null and void this contract.
Your deposit will not be refunded.

It is always a best option when flying dogs to another country to fly here and accompany your dog to your home.

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