Training Your Dog

Training your dog is an absolute necessity. Just like children, dogs come into the world filled with love and
curiosity, but not manners. They need to be taught how to get along in the family. That includes eliminating
outside, behaving properly in the house, and being polite to people and other animals. This is a demanding,
yet enjoyable job that begins the moment the dog enters your house and your life. AKC obedience clubs can
provide assistance in training your dog. Click here to find out who to contact.

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Training makes dogs happy. By nature, dogs prefer a society with rules, where everybody knows his place.
When you teach dogs the rules of your family, they feel secure knowing exactly what they are and aren't
allowed to do. Dogs will test you from time to time, to see if anything has changed. That's one reason it's so
important to keep the same rules and the same schedules every day.

You set the stage for the successful education of your dog. You must be confident and consistent when
training. Your goal is to get the dog to respond to your request, delivered in a cheerful voice. Training any dog
takes time. It's up to you to set a positive, happy tone for training.

What to Expect from Your Dog

The amount of time and effort you will need to spend often depends on the breed of dog. Investigate the
breed you are interested in before you decide to get it. Breeders, veterinarians, trainers and owners can tell
you what it's like to train different breeds. Some breeds learn quickly; others require more time.

With all breeds, being too hard on a dog will only teach him to fear you and others. He can become overly
fearful or overly aggressive. Tell your dog what to do, but respect him for whom he is. Don't hold a grudge
when the dog misbehaves. He will forget his mistakes in a few minutes. If you stay angry he'll just wonder why
you aren't friends anymore. Enroll in an obedience class for advice and support in the training process.


Make a habit of pointing out your dog's good behavior to him - he wants to please you, so he'll remember to
do it again. When he does something wrong, show him the right thing to do, then praise him. Praise and
rewards are the key to successful training. Your dog will work hard for you if you show him what makes you

Training Clubs