Puppy Recommendations
I recommend Pro Plan "Sport 30/20" All Life Stages from birth to wo years old
Lack of Grains in a dog’s diet can lead to Cardiomyopathy & Death.

Crate Training is Paramount!
I recommend Life stages 24x36 or larger Wire Crate with a movable center petition 1 crate for life.
The crate is not a Cage. It is a bedroom of comfort and reflection (We all need out personal space to
become independent and confident individuals.) It is no different with dogs.

Your pup will need to eat breakfast and dinner in his or her crate.
This is also where the pup will sleep at night until a later age of maturity & teething has stopped.
The puppy should be trained in his crate during the day to become accustomed to sleeping there.
I recommend placing the crate in the living room. This is usually the busiest room in the house. Having
the TV on is also useful as the puppy become accustomed to the noises and at night,
when the puppy wakes up and does not feel insecure.

30 minutes after your pup eats it then it told time to potty.
Take the pup to the same place every time to let the put know this is area you desire for expelling waste.
When the pup comes back in it is to be kept under close supervision on a leash attached to you. So your
puppy does not chew on your furniture or misc. items.

If your unable to keep a watchful eye on your pup place them back in the crate,
with its chew bones or Kong toys.  If you choose not to crate your dog. I suggest what I do.
I Place the end of the leash on my ankle connected to the puppy.
You can keep the pup near you and be aware of its need to chew on appropriate toys or needing to void,
all along playing with its toys and being near you.

At Night place the puppy in the crate after a hearty playtime outside. Give the pup a White-Knuckle bone
and a small amount of water. No toys with stuffing they can accidentally inhale the stuffing and suffocate.
While on the subject of Toys. Kong Toys are Best. Tough, sturdy & cleanable. White Knuckle bones for
chewing, Cow Hooves for teething & keeping their teeth & gums healthy.

Your puppy needs to go for a Vet Visit immediately to start its healthy monthly program controlling
parasite’s Puppies immune systems are not as hardy as adults. Starting a program immediately within 24-48
hours is Best to Start your lifelong relationship with your DVM and Pets.

My Personal Favorite Place to Shop for My Dogs is Amazon.com
I will provide a link to my person page for you. Once you send for an application.

NO HARNESS! Your dog is not a Plow Mule or Sled Dog
Your puppy is growing but the minute!
Do not leave a harness on your dog. If you use a harness.
make sure you adjust it daily to fit your dog & Not restrict it growth



Book 1, 2 and 3 are great!      Book 4 is advanced reading

"you need at least book 2 and 3 "

These books can be found on Amazon.com as well

Please read more about Border Collies follow this link on my
page to better understand the Border Collie.

I have a page to assist you finding the RIGHT products
I personally use to keep my dogs healthy, happy & looking great.  
It will be attached to your response email it is a link to My Amazon list.

RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS only available direct from manufacturer
I do not sell these products but Highly recommend them.
I have used them for Several Years and Very Pleased with my dogs over all health functions.
My alders dogs are just as healthy and athletic as my younger ones.


Recommended Dog Health Insurance
Trupanion Dog Health Insurance
Now that you have read the info provided

(Yes, its a bit much, But you will be a better owner for it.
Or completely change your mind about wanting a Border Collie)

To request an application email me & send a
brief Bio about you,  your family, & why you
are choosing a Border Collie Companion.
OR DOG FROM  JBK Border Collies:

A remarkably bright athletic workaholic, an amazing dog! Maybe too much for owners Without
the time, energy, consistency & means to keep the dog mentally occupied. These energetic dogs
require training from DAY ONE! Crate Training, FOCUS, Down & Stay give them the
Foundation to build from. WITHOUT this Foundation of Consistency, Tone, Timing and
Technique. You are in for a wild ride. For every Year, your dog is old. It is TEN years of age.
Training starts Now!

I generally make calls during, Late evenings. CST

I will contact you once your application is fully reviewed and references checked. Most
reputable breeders have a series of steps that involve contacting them, basically interviewing
the prospective family, discussing how the litter can meet their needs/hopes, and then an &
application/contract that outlines these goals on paper JBK is no different in that we want to
make sure that our dogs go to the best homes for them and we pride ourselves on matching dogs
with their families. Here is the outline of the steps to obtaining a dog and a brief description of
the process. Contacting JBK Via email is the Only way to contact me at the beginning of the
process. I am constantly on the go and rarely answer phone calls. I try to respond to emails
within 48 hours; however, I do work full time and have a farm to keep going along with dog and
horse shows to attend, sometimes this time frame gets stretched but I respond as soon as I can.
You are welcome to remind me of your interest. & get answered, phone call deserves about an
hour of time on average.

Outlining what you are looking for I am acutely aware of what it is like when a dog does not
match up with a family or person. No matter how badly you want that adorable you think a
certain puppy is Ultimately everyone really wants a great companion and that is what I excel at
delivering. Trainability and intelligence should be why you are really wanting one.
I do not have puppies readily available. & Just when my schedule allows me ample time to
properly care and prepare the younglings. When someone contacts me via the above method and
is interested in a puppy from our home. You will be required to fill out an application for 1st

Followed by a telephone interview for final approval in a few cases disapproval. I aim to
Update JBK Border Collies FB Page with send out weekly to bi-weekly photos. This is not
exclusive to people purchasing a puppy as I have many people that simply like to follow the
puppies as they grow!

Deposits. Now we get to the nuts and bolts of things!  A deposit is required once your
application is approved. Your Deposit will be placed in your file. Once the puppies are 3 days
old. Deposits will be made to secure your puppy. Once the puppies are born & 3 days Viable, I
will deposit your checks to secure your purchase. Once Show puppies are chosen from a litter
or litters at 7-8 weeks of age. Then the order of received deposit matching puppy & gender and
specifics. & Breeder and co-breeder always have first pick, then stud dog owner (if
applicable), then people on the deposit list. (Some have had deposits for 6 months up to Years.
As they are carefully planning the arrival of their new family member) That may sound like a
lot of hands in the barrel, but often only 1 or 2 puppies (& sometimes none) end up being
retained for those people. Deposits are nonrefundable $500US
Nonrefundable Deposits however can be used on a future litter with 12 months.

Picking Out A Puppy As the puppies grow and develop, we work with them daily on various
exercises and keep track of their personalities and tendencies in certain situations to help
determine what type of home they would be best in. (They really start developing their
personalities at about 6 weeks) Very seldom do they differ in my lines as these are multiple
years and multiple generations of my lineage.

I keep the people with deposits informed of my thoughts as the puppies grow and start grouping
my choices for certain people and let them know the final two weeks. The puppies are ready to
go home once they are 8 to 10 weeks old and the breeder/co-breeder/etc have made their
Any puppies not picked up by 10 weeks of age will pay board for their puppy at $20.00 per
day. Until they are picked up.  Evaluations are during week 7 to 8 to determine conformation,
performance, temperament suitability along with prior observations. I will ask for your 1st, 2nd
&, 3rd pick. By this point, you will be 80%+ sure of which puppy will be heading to your
home. & We do not allow visitors to see the puppies prior to Pick Up to prevent the
introduction of outside contagions or diseases.

Paperwork will all be done via email your electronic initials and signature is binding as the
contract.  The balance of the purchase price is due as 2 weeks prior to picking up your puppy to
allow for bank clearance BEFORE the puppy will be released. Cash is accepted when picking
up your puppy.

Cashier checks, personal checks must be sent no later than 2 weeks Before dogs are delivered
to your location via currier.  AKC registration is filled out online my me & sent directly to you
via AKC.

Getting Things for Your Puppy quite possibly the most asked question involves my
recommendations on what to use and what is being used regularly. Due to this question, I have
created an Amazon List to help with shopping that I send via email. I also update it frequently.

I do ask that you purchase the recommend grooming tools and Border Collie book that is
on this list! (order the books now so you can be better prepared for your puppy) The book
is great even for previous Border Collie owners. The Chew Bones on this link is a MUST!

Vaccines/Worming/Vet Checks Puppies are Dewormed & 1st Parvo Vaccine are given at 6-8
weeks of age to best prepare them for when they leave our home. They are ALL Microchipped
to me as their breeder. You will be added to Microchip data base once your puppy is picked
up. We will not alter this vaccination/worming schedule, or Microchip Data base. You are
welcome to proceed as you wish after 8 weeks under a veterinarian (DVM)'s protocol and
supervision. All our puppies are examined by a DVM before flying out. You are required to
have your puppy checked out by your own veterinarian after obtaining to within 24-48 hours of
obtaining the puppy, no exceptions.

We STRONLY suggest Not giving your Dogs TRIFEXIS. A Monthly Heart Guard and flea
preventative is the Safer Choice for your dog.

Puppy Pickup!  The time has come!
It is time to get your puppy and everything is set and ready to go. During weeks 6/7 we will set
up pickup times for the litter. Upon pickup, New Puppy Packet discussed with tips and
information about your new family member. Be sure to bring a small crate Size 300 with a few
towels and or bedding to keep them secure and safe on the way home (this is how they will be
transported while in our care). If you are unable to pick up your puppy during that 8 to 10-week
time frame, a boarding fee of $20.00 a day will be charged to you and payable at the time of

If this dog or puppy is being shipped to you, here is the following costs, IF applicable:
Pay $65-150 for a crate fee.  Pay $135-500 for vet exams, health certificate & microchip,
USDA Clearance, Depending on destination. Pay the cost of the flight to your destination from
$450-$600 for Priority Air Cargo within the USA. Foreign Travel usually exceeds $3500.00

If you change the flight arrangements that are already booked, you will be responsible for an
additional $500 fee as this is an extremely specific task that can take Several hours to
coordinate & book for all parties involved.

If you are requesting a Representative from JBK to Fly your puppy to you. it will be an
additional $800 to 1200.00 fee.

You can choose to fly to DFW Airport, we can meet you there with your puppy. Airline charge
a fee of $125.00 to fly in cabin with you & weigh less than 15lbs Max.

If you cancel the sale of this dog that you will forfeit your $500 deposit.

What Happens After? Naturally, you enjoy your puppy! However, I am ALWAYS available to
help my puppies and their homes out with any issues no matter how big or small. Of course, if it
is something that involves veterinarian care ALWAYS contact them first, but I will be happy to
help explain things they are doing if you need another point of view or have questions about
what might be happening. Much of my people ask basic care/training questions in the first few
weeks and then send me updates as they wish. We dog people are an extensive network of
people, so if you need help in our area with finding a trainer, veterinarian, boarding locations,
etc. Just let me know and we will get an answer worked out! AKC.ORG is a Great Rescource.

Of course, If the unfortunate time comes where you cannot keep your puppy/dog any longer for
ANY reason, it MUST come back home to JBK per the contract. You Must provide a Safe
Return for your dog to JBK. This is designed to be a safety net for the puppy/dog as well as the
owner as situations change sometimes and this unfortunately happens. Re-homing to a family
member is not acceptable unless they are listed on the contract as a co-owner.

What If I Want to Breed My Dog? What about health issues. Breeding dogs is part art, part
science, part immense reward, part tragic heartbreak. It is not something to be taken lightly and
is not an inexpensive prospect if you do it properly. Because of this and our desire to help
improve the breeds while breeding to the appropriate Standards, we limit our dogs to those that
will show and love them primarily while working towards obtaining a set of criteria that both
the prospective buyer and breeder agree upon.

Health Guarantees provided are for Hips that score below Good. Premiums can be done at one
year of age. PennHip can be done as early as 8 weeks of age. We do not breed dogs with
affected eye anomalies or poor hips. i.e. CL, CEA, TNS. (Proof of proper care and proper
nutrition as well as age-appropriate activities, training & routine vet care are required to factor
in the choice of replacing your dog if a covered issue is discovered by a DVM with OFA &
DNA testing. Upon agreeing to replace your dog. You must personally deliver the dog that is
affected to JBK and a replacement will be given within 12 to 18 months depending on
availability of pups being produced. You must personally pick up your replacement dog at 8-10
weeks of age. All communication must be documented via email & to be placed in your
permanent file. Puppies growth plates usually do not stop growing until 2 years of age.

Think of your puppy as a toddler. You do not train your toddler cross fit/cross country exercise.
Neither should do this with your puppy. Training is important, exercise is important. Never
over do either one it is mentally or physically too much. Therefore, it is never recommended to
do road work or jogging on a dog less than 14 to 18 months of age. The growth plates have fully
fused, Instead, walk moderately short distances of a quarter-mile or less on softer surfaces like
grass or sand until your dog has finished growing. & Showing/training helps determine many
factors that aid in determining breeding quality and can be reflected in many sports. I only enter
show contracts with people with whom are open communicators and looking to learn about this
wonderful breed primarily. Because of this long-term communication with the puppy buyer. &
Show Dog contracts by private treaty. Please contact me for more specifics and be aware that I
seldom place intact dogs in homes.

Thank you for taking the time to review these guidelines about our procedures! Hopefully, this
helps you understand a little better about our process to obtain a puppy, but nothing can replace
chatting with us yourself. If you have not contacted us already and would like to, do so at any
time! We are glad to help however we can! I can send you an application via email. Please
send a brief Bio about yourself & ask for an application. If you do not hear back from me in a
few days, please give me a friendly reminder.

Jodie Keener P.O. Box 378 Joshua, Texas 76058 USA