Old Hickory's Copenhagen of JBK, CGC, RN
My Dad~
My Mom~
Come on lets play tug a war
That white fluffy stuff
on my nose is cold!
Now, that is what I am talking about
Warm fluffy stuff in the house !!
Criterias Smokey Robynson
Aliyahs Patriot of Mill Creek
That's my Uncle Elton
Criterias Elton John
Reserve A~Winners Dog
ASCA Nationals 2005
A~Winners Dog Pre~Show
ASCA Nationals 2005
That's me
Old Hickory's Copenhagen of JBK
Guess which one I am
at the feeding bowl
This is Me, Mom & my Brothers & Sisters getting some sun
This is my half brother Miles, He is baby
sitting for mom while she takes a brake
Hagen asleep on my desk
while I work on our website.
The flash of the camera
awakened the sleeping boy
A car ride
Me and Mom at Natchez Trace
Park, in Tennessee
Me & Gramma in the rocking chair at
Cracker Barrel waiting for our food
Me at the Park.
Photos taken at 18 months old
Standing at Stud to approved Bitches.
We have Frozen Semen available.
Photos taken at 18 months old
Born 2006
Co-owned with Langston Ashmore Cattle Ranch