Australian Shepherds & Border Collies for Herding over Three Decades.

We have produced and owned some of the Top Dogs Herding Dogs around the World:

Herding  Extraordinaries,  Military Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs, Amazing
Pets, Conformation Grand Champions, BISS & BIS

Our main focus over the past decades is herding with our Border Collies & Aussies
We do enjoy showing off  their beauty as well as their many talents.

Just as many breeders, we are continually up grading our stock. DNA, OFA, Eye Cerf
testing along with Breed Standard's. Furthering our Education on the Breed & updating
our links page with up to date material.


With our Breeding program since 1979. Dogs are bred with these goals in mind.  
Producing a Genetically Healthy and Happy dog that best Performs in the Venue
they are suited for.

We are NOT Commercial Dog Breeders!

We have dogs available from time to time to offer to the public. I am very Happy
to Place dog in Therapy and Service Homes if we happen to have one that would
fit your needs. (Extensive Application needed for these situations in addition to
the regular application & Commitment form).

We also offer retired dogs looking to live out there life as a Loving pet. Not all
dogs that are retired are old dogs Some dogs excel early and make great pets for
active homes or working farms. Puppies available occasionally.

Our Horses are Breed and Raised here on our Farm. We feel we have been most
productive in this process.  We do not buy, sell, trade or train outside horses for the
public. We are NOT  Horse or Dog Traders or Brokers!
We want to try and be there for you for any question big or small. Most of our customers
have stayed in contact with us as their new family (Fur Kid)  member flourishes, and we
have became close friends with some of our new owners/friends. We love when our Pets
New Owners Update & send Pictures of your their New Family member for us to share
on our website. Now after over a dozen World Champions Show Horses. They have
been retired to the good life of Pasture Pals.


Check out our links page!There is a whole host of information from Genetics, Breeding,
Club Info show list, & just plain Ole good info on Canine & Equine Net~Surfing.

We do not give out our phone number to the public. If you are interested in visiting with
us. Please feel free to email us and tell us about your self and what your needs are. We
have a busy schedule with Training and Traveling we will be happy to call you.

Thanks, Jodie Keener & Staff